Rainwater Harvesting With Silpaulin Sheet

 We can collect the rain water in Silpaulin sheet. The technology is very simple. This water we can use for our home, agriculture,Fish farm, Aquarium, Farm etc. This method is very useful for and proved.Quantity of water can be collected from the each place is based on the available rain in that area. Some organisations can make the artificial rain. First we have to make a pit by digging the land and covering the pit with a HDPE sheet.

Assume that you are getting 300 mm of  rain per year

That means you will get 3000 liters of water from one square meter area per year

Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse


  1. I want to know that is it advisable to consume water from rainwater tanks because it can get polluted by many agents like Mosquitoes breeding, Bird and animal droppings and Algae etc, if the filter is not get changed after regular intervals.

  2. Yes this was the very simplest technique for rain harvesting.This technique requires very less investment and very useful in farms, residential use and many more.Thanks for sharing such a nice and simple blog with us.

  3. I am very happy to say that,In this monsoon we used this technique in my area.

  4. There are various ways by using we consume the rain water and re use it.we can also use rain water system as a decoration of the house.From that we gets the double benefits like the rain water harvest as well as for decorate the house.