The important points to remember about the swimming pool is the water analysis parameters. We have to keep the some water parameters for the safety and cleanses of the water. we can achieve this  target by keeping
Free chlorine-    1 to 1.5ppm
pH                -    7.4 to 7.6
Total Alkalinity  - 120 to 160 ppm
Calcium hardness -(Tiled pools) - 200 ppm  minimum
Calcium hardness - (Liner/ fiber glass pools) - 100 ppm minimum

These parameters will help you the clean  and hygienic pool
Requirements For tiled pools
1) Stabilizes chlorine
2)Sodium bisulphate
3)Alkalinity Builder
4)Calcium Builder
5)Poly quat algaecide
6)Aluminium sulphate
7)Water Test Kit
Requirement for Liner/fiber glass pool
1) Stabilized chlorine
2)Sodium bisulphate
3)Alkalinity Builder
4)Poly quat algecide
5)Aluminium Sulphate
6)Water test kit
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