Chlorine in swimming pool

Chlorine Remover
Sometimes too much chlorine gets into the pool , often by accidentally overdosing the chlorine or after shock dosing to get ride of algae. It is not recommended  to swim in water with more than 3 mg/l of chlorine. Chlorine remover ( Sodium thiosulphate) will remove that chlorine so you can swim straight away . Be careful not overdose chlorine remover or you will have to add lots of chlorine to  chlorine remover. That is good for chemical suppliers profits not for your pockets.
First carefully test the pool water to get an accurate chlorine level. The dosage of chlorine remover will be in the label. or we can find it out by taking a sample of 10 litters of pool water in a plastic bucket and doze the sodium thiosalphate. dosage must start from .25 mg/l and find out the chlorine after 2 minutes. Then calculate it for the pool.
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